Pre-order Information
 Saturday June 3rd 2017

We're really excited for the new edition for Warhammer 40000. But with such a HUGE release, Games Workshop has had to limit our initial orders so that all stores world wide can participate. As a result, we will have limited numbers of each new product on LAUNCH DAY (June 17th). Re-orders will follow and it should not take too long to resupply.

Avoid Disappointment - Pre-order ASAP!

We'll be selling pre-orders at our front counter starting June 3rd. They will be filled on a first come, first served basis. To be as fair as we can to everyone, the PAID pre-orders will be fulfilled first on June 17th. You'll get a copy of the receipt, and then all you have to do is bring it in when the product is released and we'll have it waiting for you.

If you don't wish to pay up front, we'll be happy to take your request (like we do with any product we sell). However we can't guarantee availability on launch day. Requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis after paid pre-orders have been fulfilled.

Can't make it into the store? We'll take payment over the phone for your pre-order. Just give us a call at 250-563-5299 and ask for Tony or Terry.


Bitz Trading - Have some part or models you don't need? Trade them with other players and maximize your collection! (Hint: Those Dark Imperium Boxes have lots of bits Imperial and Chaos players are going to be seeking out. Trade what you don't need for what you do!)

Build & Paint - Picking up some new models? Awesome! We'll have building and painting stations ready. If you have your own tools and paints, we encourage you to bring them with you. We'll also have some paint sets and some supplies for people to check out.

Challenge the Store - We'll have our copy of Dark Imperium ready to try out. We'll be accepting challenges from players for a chance to win some prizes!

Never played Warhammer 40K before, but interested? Today is the day for you too! We'll get you set up with a free model to build and paint, and we'll show you a little about how 8th Edition is great for neophytes.